So glad to know everyone is safe.  Our communities have lots of work ahead of us to recover.  

If you or anyone you know need anything, please let Molly know so we can pitch in where needed. 

The Jackson's house has power and warm showers if anyone needs some comforts.  Also, Fleet Feet has 2 showers that you are welcome to use and offer to your friends and family.  They will just need to bring a towel.  

Yesterday, while we were cleaning up and getting the stores back to normal, we had a few people out and about looking for something to do.  Retail Therapy!  Today, we will open the doors again depending on staffing.  Please be in communication with your scheduling manager if you can't make it to any of your shifts and we will work it out.  NO ONE is obligated to come in if it is not safe for you to get there or need to attend to family matters.  

So grateful for all of you!